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Tip Top Tums

There is so much scientific research which is showing that our gut health is fundamental to our overall health.  If our gut health is not in good condition we will feel the consequences of that somewhere in our body.  Each of us are genetically unique...

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CAT Scotland

Cat Scotland is an organisation to support migrants in the community. They asked me to do a presentation and cookery demonstration for them last week. My presentation was to help get the message out about balancing blood sugars. What do I mean...

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Breakfast Cereal

[caption id="attachment_21427" align="alignnone" width="300"] Is cereal really that good for you?[/caption]Do your children eat cereal for breakfast?  Even though some are targeted as wholegrain, they are so refined that they are nothing more than sugar once digested by our bodies.  This article explains more fully...

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