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Read My Testimonials

“This if the first time I have been really committed to following a healthy eating plan and changing bad habits. What has helped me is Marie’s practical advice, her encouragement, and her acknowledgement of food and nutrition.”

Bea, Client

“Marie has worked with Govan Help on a couple of occasions and has proved herself very able and capable of working with people of all ages.  She is creative in her ideas of helping people to think about healthy eating and her programmes have been informative and helpful.  So much so we will be inviting her back in the future to do more healthy eating events for us.  We are very grateful for all her help.”

Sarah, Govan Help

“Community cookery can present many challenges with venue difficulties, equipment and resources available, and challenging behaviour from participants. Marie has faced all these challenges with aplomb, and I have had excellent feedback from other professionals and participants, testifying to Marie’s skills and ability to work with diverse groups.”


“I have worked with Marie to get my digestive health under control and her recommendations worked for me and I’m absolutely delighted.”

Katy, Client

“Marie has often worked for us providing interactive cookery demonstrations at events across South Glasgow, which have always had very positive feedback.

Marie has also had experience of delivering ‘Get Cooking, Get Shopping’ and ‘Great Grub’ courses for us in different areas, which are six week community cookery courses designed to teach basic healthy cooking skills on a budget, while being flexible enough to cater to participants’ needs. Evaluation and feedback on these courses has always been excellent.

For these reasons, I have also felt confident in recommending Marie to the NHS, who also organise community cookery classes, and they have been high in their praise of her course delivery.”

Anne, Urban Roots

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